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Facebook marketing business?
Earn money providing page support to small businesses.

What is TimelineKit?

TimelineKit provides Facebook page support to small businesses through a marketplace of support partners. Small businesses pay a reasonable monthly fee in exchange for unlimited page support. Clients can request one task at a time, and the tasks should take no longer than 30-45 minutes to complete.

Here are some common tasks that can be requested by clients:

  • Add/Remove Page Apps Add/Remove Page Apps
  • Page Tab Changes Page Tab Changes
  • Upload Cover & Profile Images Upload Cover & Profile Images
  • Modify Page Settings Modify Page Settings
  • Spam & Security Spam & Security
  • Basic Facebook Page Support Basic Page Support & Advice

The TimelineKit Partner Program is not open to the public just yet. If you are interested in becoming one of our Founding Partners, please subscribe to our partner email list above.

Why TimelineKit?

Make Great Money

Work with however many clients that you feel comfortable with. Earn more money by taking on more clients.

Flexible Schedule

You can set your available days to fit your own schedule. Work tasks in your spare time or go full-time.

Automated Billing

Your clients are billed automatically and the funds are sent directly to your Stripe account.

Common Questions

Do you handle sales tax, GST, or VAT on payments I receive?

No, you should include any taxes required by your country in the rate you choose for your services. You can find some more information about taxes here: Stripe Sales Tax

What types of page tasks should I know how to perform?

For more information about tasks clients will expect, see the What's Included section on our client homepage. You have the option to disable specific tasks or add your own tasks when creating your partner profile.

What if a client requests something that is not included?

During signup, clients are informed about the guidelines for unlimited tasks. If a request does not sound feasible, you can discuss options with your client.

Are there any contracts or fees?

There are no contracts. There is a 20% processing fee which is pulled from the client's payment at the time of the transaction. It's FREE to get started.

What if a client needs help with a larger project or just a single task?

Although currently not available, you will eventually be able to bill your clients for one-off tasks and larger projects!

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

No, BUT... you are not billed until you actually get paid. So no refunds are necessary.

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